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  • Artist Info: My sisters and I<br />
    Flora and I want to tell you our story. Pearl refuses to share this tale. I was but 8 years old. When Flora and pearl were taken away from me, I was taken prisoner. Until I turned fifteen, they bit me. On my neck. I became unconscious, and I was young when this happened. I lost my identity. I waited for my sisters. I went on uncontrollable feeding frenzies. I became known as “Death”, and it stuck. I thought I became the seventh daughter of the Grim Reaper himself. I wasted my time. It wasn’t long until my sisters found me. They reminded me of who I was. Luckily for us, both my sisters have befriended Louie Von Helsing himself. He was kind to us especially me. I am not sure he trusts me enough to call me his friend, but I can’t blame him. I could have destroyed Gaia. It would have become a blood bath if Flora hadn’t found me. It is painful to continue but you must know. I am sweet little Lamia. But I , like my sisters, are lethal. I continue to bear the nick name Death. I want the trust of everyone. I hope my mistakes will be forgiven. But now, I want my mother back. I am with my sisters now. I could want nothing more. I have been accepted.<br />
    I have come to understand that my streak as " Death" is futile. More than Anything I desire a quiet After life. Therefore I reserve my deathly self away, and reclaim myself as Lamia. smile <br />
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