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  • Artist Info: Hey guys<br />
    so first: My name is Linda an I´m 15 years old. I´m from Germany so my english can be sounds a little bit crazy but I´m learning a lot. Well, I´m a normal girl, without tattoos and percings, but I really wanted to have a piercing in my belly biggrin . My favorite color is orange, green, blue...well,... I like them all xD. But my favorite drink is really red bull, I love it sooo much!!! and my favorite food is clearly cutlet with chips, and certainly all of MC´Donalds... I´m a funny girl with a lot humour, and I like it to talk about stars, life, food xD and something like this..^^ So please write to me! <br />
    Big Kisses,<br />
    Linda <3
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