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  • Artist Info: Hey there, creep. I'm Drew. Call me Drew, or Drewbeh, or a bag of dicks for all I care (I do care). I'm back, bitches! So I guess I'm supposed to talk about myself or something.<br />
    <br />
    About me:<br />
    I think Pokemon is cool.<br />
    Some of my favorite shows are Adventure Time, The Office, Breaking Bad, + Legend of Korra.<br />
    I'm currently playing Pkmn, Rust, GMod, and such.<br />
    Last time I checked, I was 5'9.<br />
    I played soccer.<br />
    I'm way out of shape.<br />
    Video games are my addiction.<br />
    I think drugs are bad.<br />
    I'm in Honor Choir at my High School.<br />
    My favorite food is food. You can't have a favorite.<br />
    I think lots of things are cool.<br />
    I think Gaia is stupid, but I can't help myself.<br />
    My favorite color is greyish blue.<br />
    If the story is decent, It's worth my time.<br />
    <br />
    Let's play some games, yeah?<br />
    Steam: <br />
    Gamertag: <br />
    Friend code: 2036-7715-0005 [pm me yours]
    <br />
    I kinda "quit" Gaia so call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me. Or just add me on one of those above.
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