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  • Artist Info: Real Name: Joanne "Joan" Napier <br />
    Alias: Jokerette, Jokeress, Joker of Hearts (formally Batgirl) <br />
    Age: 15-18 <br />
    Occupation: Student/Vigilante/Villain <br />
    Base of Operations: Gotham City <br />
    Eyes: Naturally Blue or Black <br />
    Hair: Naturally Blonde, dyed Green <br />
    Height: 5 ft 2 in <br />
    Weight: 110 lbs <br />
    Powers: No special powers, uses guns, knifes, acrobatic and ninja-like skills <br />
    Bio: After her family was burtally murder, she escaped (and after a long series of events) was adopted by Bruce Wayne, and later became Batgirl, to aid and assist Batman. After first seeing the Joker, she knew right away it was her father, but insisted on helping Bruce fight him. One day after school, the Joker kidnapped her. He had already know she was his daughter and Batgirl. He threatened Batman that she would soon "become one of them" if he weren't to take off his mask. Joker planned to "put a smile on her face", but only succedded in cutting her right cheek, before Batman was able to save her. However, she was never the same. Everytime she falls into Joker's hands, she becomes her alternate alies, Jokerette, who obeys Joker without hesitation, even if it means killing Bruce. <br />
    <br />
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