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  • Artist Info: My name is Gaby Rocha!! Let me explain a lil bout myself.. Im n highschool nd i guess its okayy.. Im into all kinds of art but mainly anime! I love to draw alot, nd read (nerd), nd write poems nd stories.. Im slowly but surely learing how to skate haha!! XDD <br />
    Ima short gurl, 5ft baby! But thts a good enough height for a 14yr old rite? Lol! Ima brunette nd i can mesmerize u with my purtty eyes lol! I am also i christian gurl smile Umm.........<br />
    I am really random nd crazy nd fun to be around with smile Ima problem solver nd a "put ur frown upside down" person! Tho i have my emo moments hehe...<br />
    I love friends cuz they r the ones u can trust nd tell anything! Friends Love=Life <3<br />
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