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  • Artist Info: A while ago, I made a small animation, my first, and I was truelly proud of it. I submitted it on deviantart so I can show the world of my new found skill. DeviantArt I was excited, so I submitted it on to Gaia for the whole world of Gaia to see. Instead, two people accused me of stealing it. My buuny I was appalled that they just claimed that. I knew this had to be a mistake, so I came up with reasons as to why they would accuse me.<br />
    <br />
    1. They saw the bunny on deviantart and thought I stole it from Urukishn.<br />
    (I'm Urukihsn!)<br />
    2. They thought I stole the sprites and then made the animation.<br />
    (I never claimed ownership over the sprites. I just found them on our beloved internet. If you found an official picture of Naruto and decided to draw it, that's not stealing. And that is quite similar to what I did, except with a sprite sheet and animation.)<br />
    3. Someone stole it and claimed it as their own and made me seen like I stole it.<br />
    4. Someone decided to make their own animation after seeing mine and making theirs look like mine.<br />
    <br />
    I understand that those two that accused me were concerned about art theft. I detest it also, but making accusations without proof, evidence, or anything to support what your saying can't really do anything. If you saw the drawing somewhere, copy the URL of the page or get a sceenie of it and then see if the accused really stole it.<br />
    <br />
    Besides, does "Innocent until proven guilty" mean nothing here?
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