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    I have switched accounts to<br />
    stray away from friends that were untrue. I will dearly miss all of you, but it's my time to start over. My new account is Sexual Salsa, you may PM me or comment, but It does not automatically mean, however, I will reply. I have added only few of you, The few that are very true to me. The following reasons why I have decided to make a new account.<br />
    - Too many of my friends that I have forgotten.<br />
    - Not many of my friends are actually true.<br />
    -Many of you think the currency is more important than friendship.<br />
    - Way to many PM's at once.<br />
    -To many comments to reply to.<br />
    If you feel I am ignorant for stating this truth and pointing fingers at people. I really am not. You know who you are if you have a place in any of the actions I have listed. I will be occasionally checking my account, but not frequently. Goodbye my friends.<br />
    <br />
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