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  • Artist Info: Many Facts About Me<br />
    ----------------------------<br />
    I love anime<br />
    If you wanna know my name my cousin (Harry_Potter821) says it on Gaia, but I'll tell you anyway: Nikki<br />
    I do avatar art FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Hurry while you can!<br />
    I've read the 1st Pippi Longstocking book, I'm on the 2nd<br />
    My favorite emoticons are X3 and :3 and =3 and O_o and o_O and O_O<br />
    I'm wild, crazy, random... DEAL WITH IT<br />
    I love riding the elevator<br />
    I'm not emo or goth, I'm happy and elated and ecstatic and I LOVE LIFE<br />
    My other favorite emoticons are <3 and XD (the <3 is for my family)<br />
    I'm currently single and lovin' it<br />
    I love to read, write stories, and draw<br />
    I hate large crowds of people... large crowds of cute bunnies and kitties are great<br />
    Gaia is a great place for me and my peeps to chill and chat<br />
    I love everything in the cat family PLUS FOXES AND RABBITS<br />
    I'm nice once you reeeeeeaaaaally get to know me<br />
    I have a soft spot for animals<br />
    I love my parents more then the Earth and my life<br />
    My mom is literally the awesomest mom to be seen on the face of the Earth<br />
    Same thing as I said on the line above this... only for my dad<br />
    If animals, music, iPod Touches, families, and books didn't exist, the world would come to a tragic end<br />
    My birthday is on May 26<br />
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