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    My Name is Jhuwan (Juu-Waun) im Male Dont like to talk to much not that good at talking or starting a conversation but im like to meet new people <br />
    My favorite color is black but mostly any dark color I like~. I love Homestuck and glad I found it heart I am straight but I don't care if your bi or gay. Just keep me in that little friend circle ! You can send me random pm`s or comments If you like!
    <br />
    Enter Name ==>: Darkis Vandix <br />
    You are now Cephus Vandix. He is a blue-blooded troll, You hardly care for your blood color but in the end you can never change that fact. Your weapon is bladekind which you switch between your trusty switchblade that transforms into a Dual blade you proudly call Azi Dahaki named after your loving the 3 headed Dragon after shortly you just to prefer using your fists.<br />
    You have a strange power different than other psionic powers its more black a wavy. Your not very skilled with it but you can still use it pretty good you just decide not to use it very often. <br />
    <br />
    Your Lusus is a .... 3 headed Dragon named Dahakadad but you gave him the nickname of Azi Dahaki it sounds much cooler to you to be honest. From books you read Azi Dahaka is a mythical 3 headed dragon that wreaks havoc where ever it goes while the side heads destroys things the middle head causes shear chaos. But Dahakadad seems pretty nice and will do none of those things. <br />
    <br />
    You symbol is a constellation sign called Cepheus a king its so called. You type in a weird way like thou,thy, and thine. <br />
    <br />
    And... your Ancestor The Champion you see him as NOTHING like you! A Champion of battles of any he comes in. Fearless should be the word. Even though he is a high blood he dosent care as long as you can stand your own against him, He will welcome you by his side no matter the color of your blood. He will not sit aside and watch another troll be harassed by any means. He is a much stronger person you will ever be even his powers are more enhanced than yours able to kill a person with it unlike you.
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