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    <br />
    R.I.P to the girl you used to see.* <br />
    Ive changed, alot of shit got to me. <br />
    Im broken.<br />
    Ive been hurt & backstabbed.<br />
    Im losing the people that I love.<br />
    I cant trust one person.<br />
    Everyones fake & will end up backstabbing me.<br />
    They'll lie, find a way to get out of it.<br />
    They talk shit.<br />
    Guys; they're full of lies.<br />
    They lead me on, & then leave for another girl. <br />
    Everyones pathetic.<br />
    No one can stay true. <br />
    The only person that will stay true to you, is you.. <br />
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