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    Hi there~<br />
    I'm LadySaotomeRei, but you can call me Rei or Blair~ (Personally, I prefer being called Rei, but I won't object to someone calling me Blair...)<br />
    My bio (courtesy of the Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia and yes, I used the original terminology, so shoot me.)<br />
    Rei is a transfer student who enters Duel Academy during her first year disguised as a boy. She is placed in the Osiris Red dormitory, and guided by Judai, Shou, and Hayato. Behind her guise, Rei intended to get closer to Ryo, with whom she was in love. While sneaking around Ryo's room in Obelisk Blue, she is caught by Judai, who discovers her secret and pursues her on the matter late at night after the confrontation. The two duel, and although Rei is defeated, she finally has the opportunity to meet with Ryo. He is flattered by her affections, but turns her down, telling her to go home. Being a fifth-grade elementary student (second grade in the English dub), she is forced to leave the school on the technicality that she is too young to stay. As she departs, her feelings shift from Ryo to Judai, much to the latter's horror.<br />
    During the second year, Rei returns near the end of the Genex tournament and challenges Ryo following his "rebirth," but he declines, and she instead duels with Manjoume to claim the champion title of the tournament and officially enter Osiris Red. Despite overwhelming improvement in her skills that allow her to push him into a corner, Manjoume is able to claim victory in the end. At that time, an integral part of Rei's personality becomes clearer. Her love interests are constantly changing, as evidenced by her brief admiration of Manjoume, which is quickly replaced once more by her infatuation with Judai. Even though she lost to Manjoume, Rei is admitted to Osiris Red, and becomes a member of the central cast at the beginning of the third year. She tries to befriend Martin during that time, but mostly proves unsuccessful. She commandeers Manjoume's room, forcing him to bunk with Judai. When Duel Academy gets sent to the alternate dimension, she gets attacked by Yubel when she gets near Martin and comes down with a mysterious illness. Judai, Johan, O’Brien, Jim, and Amon get medicine from a submarine that Misawa saw. She gets healed by this medicine soon after. After recovering she later sees the Yubel-possessed Martin dueling Judai and Johan. She shows that she cares for Martin when she demands the spirit release him, which it does, and then throws Martin at her (Yubel willingly left Martin because it didn't need him anymore). <br />
    At the start of the fourth season she gets promoted to Obelisk Blue, but she still wears her red jacket. Later on, Rei is teamed up with Tyranno Kenzan in a Tag-Team Duel party. She eventually duels the pair of Judai and Asuka, during which she decides to take advantage of Asuka's frustration with Judai and switches partners (wanting to be on the same team as Judai because of her crush on him), allowing her to team up with Judai. During the brief time they on a team, Judai worked with Rei much better then he did with Asuka (which annoyed Asuka alot), but eventually when Asuka noticed that Judai had gone back to enjoying duels, she switched back, much to Rei's chagrin, and frustration. She then lost the duel. It is assumed she lost to Darkness and was revived when Judai defeated him.<br />
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