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  • Artist Info: My nickname is Elliot, Crow, Twiggy... etc I'm not going to use my real name because I don't like it.<br />
    I am what you could call Emo Goth, you know dark yet happy, cold and loving, loathing, but not cutting.<br />
    I are 20, living in Bremerton WA, with a couple of my friends.<br />
    I enjoy anime (especially drawing my own comics and characters) gaming, music, Professional Wrestling (Back to the Backyard baby WHOOT!), making and watching movies (I Love horror films), and RPing when I get the chance (it helps with story writing and gives me ideas).<br />
    I have created a comic series called Little Love Struck Boy. (Check it out in the Art Arena).<br />
    And I have no idea what the Hell I want in life, and I'm fine with that.<br />
    And remember kids Dont do Drugs, invent fun new ways to abuse them.
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