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    ~La Haine Pacifique~<br />
    ~The Peaceful Hatred~<br />
    Questions by Claire and Desi (:<br />
    What's your name?<br />
    Britny o.o<br />
    What do you want people to call you?<br />
    Brit..? o.o<br />
    How old are you?<br />
    I'm 15, you crack heads xD<br />
    Do you know that we hacked your Gaia?<br />
    WHUT?!?!?!?!<br />
    Are you going to kill us?<br />
    Yes -_-<br />
    Aaaanyways... Whats your favorite color?<br />
    Blue or Red o:<br />
    Do you like animals?<br />
    Yussssssss OwO<br />
    Do you read?<br />
    Mhmm, I be dorkazoid (:<br />
    What's your religion?<br />
    Music >:U<br />
    Do you like music?<br />
    Yes Sherlock-fucking-Holmes, I like music<br />
    Are you having fun?<br />
    No ._.<br />
    Do you have life?<br />
    Nope<br />
    What's your basic Gaia family?<br />
    Mom - Wolf_fairy13; Dad - Ninja of the Demon Realm; Daughter - Mirasaurus; Wife - Wolf_fairy13<br />
    Do you have any issues?<br />
    Too many xD<br />
    What's your favorite outfit?<br />
    A dark denim skirt with black ruffles, red and black thigh-highs, converse boots, a black lace tan top, and a red off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt (: Plus my red bangles<br />
    Are you tired?<br />
    Yes T-T<br />
    Are we irritating you?<br />
    Yus!!!<br />
    Mmkay..... Night Brit (:<br />
    Night T-T<br />
    So, this is Brit's friends Desi and Claire (: We're jusst gonna tell ya 'bout thiss girlie here (: She'ss realleh funny and energetic, and sticks with herr friends always (: She's a lonerrrrrrrr, but a lot of peoples (more than she thinks) love her and want to hangg out with her!! She hatess popular peoplezzzzzz!!!!!! She's realleh smart, but she hates homeworkkk!!! Haha! (: She's a realleh awesomme dorkazoidey person =D! She cann be violent, but she hates fights! She lives on music and books and loves to singg and drawssssss (: She's a smexi ass bitch, as seen herrre: User Image<br />
    And yeahs (:<br />
    Byeeeeeee!!!!!! heart
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