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  • Artist Info: Dear everyone who is currently reading this(but why? you know you still have to clean your room),<br />
    I am a 12 year old sweet emo named Jazz. I'm born Friday February 7 1997 at 1:15pm. Only 1 person understands me in this world. I'm the eldest sibling, I have 1 brother, 1 half sister and a step sister. (Brandon,Aries Bailey.) I own 3 pets,twin pugs and a cat.(Loki,Pixie, and Belle.).I prefer books that are horror books, and about mythical creatures. I dyed my hair Burgundy(Red Purple), Dark Brown eyes that changed colors(in my pic I changed the eye color), And with it all, I'm a tall pretty girl. I adore C00kies! When I'm alone and have nothing to do, I cut, cry, draw, go on computer, or I listen to music.<br />
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    xoxoJazz~User Image<br />
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