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  • Artist Info: Da name's Addy, try nawt to ferget it 'cause youh'll be screaming it l8r! I ish 15 and in 9th grade, I'm the girl who trips walking up da stairs, and den immediately falls down dem. I'm one of those little freaky-ish people who spends alla her time reading manga, and watching animeeee. I ish semi-gothic/punk rocker. I liek to sk8, hang out with my friends, text to the people right next to meh, puke rainbows, eat socks, etc.... ;D<br />
    <br />
    My bestest friend ever is Morgyyy (Morgan), my "Hobo-BFFEL!" I has a guinea pig name Chuckleberry Huk Huk (Chiko fer Short.) If youh make fun of his name, he will eat yer soul. :3<br />
    I have a imaginary monster who lives in mah closet named Robert. Dx He stalks me, and sooner or l8r he's gonna get uber hungry, and he'll eat meh... T^T
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