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  • Artist Info: Hey person which I wasn't expecting. <br />
    <br />
    Homestuck. ::: smile <br />
    Harry Potter.<br />
    Nostalgic. <br />
    Can not stand it when a pillow is on the ground.<br />
    Weird love for keys, lockets, weird things.<br />
    Fascinated by the concept of time and time paradoxes. Myths and legends. History (not exactly the dates and all the other academic stuff), Mythological creatures, things no one can ever understand fully, abnormal places and the like.<br />
    Santa Claus. Don't care what you say he exists.<br />
    The Legend of Avatar - The Last Airbender.<br />
    Alice in Wonderland. <br />
    And of course, AVENGERS.<br />
    And I game a lot. <br />
    <br />
    Hate the fact I have ideas and such but I suck at drawing. X(<br />
    <br />
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