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  • Artist Info: Hello there, you may call me Rin or Rinny.<br />
    When I’m not working at my actual job, I work as an artist and a costume maker. Currently a friend and I have started up the label FreakShow Productions, for now we are just showing our progress and cosplay and costume updates. Being as we both have actual jobs, our progress is slow.<br />
    Along with having an actual job, I work for Lovely Heart Maid Cafe, so that takes up a lot of time as well. It is a fun experience, we go around to different cons and work a Cafe for the weekend. LHMC is a non-profit organization, so any money we make, or tips given to us are all donated to charities.<br />
    I am a quiet person, but I do enjoy making new friends, so don’t feel afraid to talk to me.
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