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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone!<br />
    <br />
    Im Kim, also known as ShimmeringPixels (i also use this username on other websites). I have a pet dog who doesn't bark at other strangers but suddenly bites them. I love to read love stories (specially the ones who have happy endings) and horror. I love to eat chocolate cake, ice cream, pizza (the most distracting food), lasagna, and other pastas with a friend or by myself,lol. Im not a big fan of shrimp and crabs. I HATE beetles, spiders, and cockroaches(who likes cockroaches, anyway? they r dirty). They look icky to me.<br />
    Oh and if u see me in some virtual worlds dont hesitate to say "hi" or whatever greetings(that is if u want to chat) because i dont remember other usernames on my friends list. <br />
    Well thats pretty much it. TC always guys! XOXO
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