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  • Artist Info: Let's talk so we can get to know each other better.<br />
    As you've probably never noticed, I never asked any personal questions. Because I have witnessed strangers and friends alike being a target for racism, a lot.<br />
    So I reveal as little as possible. I am fed up hearing/reading bullies using their target's race as a means of weapon or reason to hurt them.<br />
    I want to be friends for who we are as a person. It doesn't matter where you're from. It doesn't matter what your age is either. It doesn't define you.<br />
    If you are one of my closest friends online, you will certainly notice that as we open up little by little, we sort of start to mention things that give away clues/hints where we're from. xd It's unavoidable when you start feeling close to your friends more than ever. Which is nice! Liking and accepting friends for who they are! xd <br />
    <br />
    If you define me as someone ashamed of my origin just because I never told you, then please, don't bother communicating with me.<br />
    One, whether you told me where you're from or not, why on earth should I? And to a stranger?<br />
    Two, if you never asked IN THE FIRST PLACE, what gave you the right to judge so quickly based on that assumption that the person never told you coz s/he is ashamed? It's their choice whether to awkwardly say it out of the blue or not.<br />
    Three, like I said, I like to keep my privacy. But still, if you ask, I'll think about it. Depending on how close we are.
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