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  • Artist Info: I love to have fun and be crazy, im 15 years old.Beware<br />
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    ....I grow mushrooms.
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    I love soccer, dancing, singing, german, the ocean, cold pizza, laughing, sleeping, cooking unedible foods, painting, drawing, dancing in the rain, honey, laughing so hard you start snorting ^^ (not someting you wanna see) cows...i REALLY like cows...traveling ,roller coasters, dodge chargers...i love cars.I want a yellow one.<br />
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    I dislike ( HATE ) Moths...I just really do. I mean they are cute and all, but I have had bad experiences. Really bad. Control freaks, I mean come on loosen up! Well I dont really hate very much. So yea.<br />
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    Please donate! I will give you a cookie!<br />
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    Total Value: 54,633,121 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
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    Item List:<br />
    Cherry<br />
    Panda Mood Bubble<br />
    Dainty Porridge<br />
    Panda Slippers<br />
    Angelic Manner<br />
    Keiongaku Style<br />
    Toned Keido<br />
    Lucky the Cat<br />
    The Lusty Scoundrel heart <br />
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