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    For those of you who don't know me I will tell you a little about myself and what I do for a living. My name is Yuu Kanda, but you can just call me Kanda and only Kanda. I am an exorcist that works for the Dark Order. I am usually very quiet, but there are times when I will talk more than I usually do. It all depends on my mood. The power that we exorcist use is called Innocence. We use innocence to destroy the akumas that the millenium earl sends after us. It is very annoying. My innocence is in the form of a sword. It is called Mugen. Every one of us use innocence in a different way. My comrades who fight with me against the akumas are Lenalee, Allen, Lavi, Krory, and many others who are also apart of the Dark Order. It is an ok job, but it can annoy me at times. A good thing about my job though, is that I can have as much soba noodles as I want. ^_^
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