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    <br />
    ▶ ▷ MY ANIME/MANGA LIST◀ ◁ <br />
    ❝I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!❞<br />
    ✖Hello!✖<br />
    My name, my name....Oh yes! Name's Lulu. Queen Lulu to you. And not just any old queen, a Queen Of Pirates and Wizards.<br />
    Pirates will always bring the ninjas to subjugation. Period.<br />
    The Queen is a female, what a surprise, since it's pretty obvious I am a lady. Although, sadly, I have been mistaken as a boy in real life.<br />
    The Queen will kick your pathetic ass if you pester her, thanks. The Queen's location is unknown. (Try looking in Atlantis!) The Queen's age is also unknown, and shall stay like that forever. It is rumour that the Queen's age is 476984796589074096.5 full moons old. So get over it. Oh yes, The Queen is also African, now that's not so hard to believe, is it?<br />
    The Queen's greatest trepidation is Lady GaGa, she is my worst enemy...*Royal Cringe*<br />
    The Queen derives pleasure from rock, instrumental music, and a hint of screamo. <br />
    My most favourite chanters most definitely have to Red, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rise Against, Mindless Self Indulgence, And Hollywood Undead, Blue Stahli.<br />
    Do not worry, the Queen would very much like to punch Justin Bieber in the face. ⊙ω⊙<br />
    Fact: I would like to see Jared Leto shirtless if I do say so myself. :D<br />
    Hans.Zimmer.Is.A.Genius.<br />
    If I may say, the Queen is rather an enormous fan of fantasy, action, and adventure. But sadly, she's in her nightmare that is reality. <br />
    The Queen also very much enjoyed the following movies:<br />
    ✔ Requiem For a Dream<br />
    ✔Shutter Island<br />
    ✔How to train your Dragon<br />
    ✔The Shining<br />
    ✔Nightmare before Christmas<br />
    ✔Corpse Bride<br />
    ✔Sherlock Holmes<br />
    ✔Two Brothers<br />
    Now, the Queen is fairly well known to be a sadist; so don't be surprised is she assassinates you.<br />
    Why yes, yes! The Queen is made of awesomeness, thank you very much.<br />
    Let's get this fairytale going~◄<br />
    Don't blame me my English is bad, it's not my first language. D;<br />
    OK, now I'll stop with my complex language and calling my myself the queen, but seriously, I am one. ;)<br />
    Anyway, you think you know everything about me? Wrong.<br />
    I'm a Japanholic. Yes, a Japanholic.<br />
    What's that you say? Oh, it just means I'm in love with Japanese culture, that's all.<br />
    ((Asians' are offspring of aliens))<br />
    Random, yes I know.<br />
    That's one more thing about me, I'm romantically random. ❤<br />
    『ANIME』<br />
    Anime, you ask? You poor soul, asking ME about anime?<br />
    If you must know I have a photographic memory when it comes anime, literally. <br />
    I also have a photographic memory for school, but that's another topic.<br />
    Moving on ↳<br />
    I'm afraid of spiders, shit, who isn't?<br />
    『AMV'S』<br />
    WOW, another random topic, you say? <br />
    Well, young grasshopper, yes, yes it is. I've taught you well.<br />
    ((Another fact 'bout me, I like talking movie like.))<br />
    So, the reason why I'm talking AMV'S?<br />
    What is an AMV you ask?<br />
    Well, get yourself educated first, I'm not telling you.<br />
    ((I'm a bitch.))<br />
    That's it, no more AMV talk.<br />
    Now, why am I talking all this nonsensical nonsense? <br />
    Well, fuck you, you came to my profile, don't you want to read my biography?<br />
    『VIDEO GAMES』<br />
    Why yes, I'm a bad-ass gamer.<br />
    I will, I swear, totally annihilate, turn you to rumble, consume you, if we ever play multi-player, and then laugh at you while you crumple to the ground begging for mercy for me to spare your soul.<br />
    Too much? Well, fuck you.<br />
    Tell me that one of my favourite characters don't/didn't exist, and I will punch you in the face for trying to ruin my fantasy.<br />
    Why YES, I do have perverted thoughts of some the smexy men in the video games. Thanks for asking. *Nosebleed*<br />
    ((Altair's mine, bitches!))<br />
    『BOOKS 』<br />
    BOOKS, yes, BOOKS.<br />
    The best damn invention, books.<br />
    Books are my universe, I could not live without turning the page, eagerly awaiting what might happen next in my fantasy realm in a book.<br />
    Did I cry when I was told that Santa and the ToothFairy didn't exist? <br />
    Nooo.<br />
    Did I cry when I was told that Harry Potter, Aslan, Leaf, Eragon, Soren and various other characters didn't exist?<br />
    A little bit.<br />
    Then I realized the magic that the authors intended us to see in everyday life.<br />
    See the castles in England? That's Hogwarts.<br />
    See the sun rising? That's Aslan.<br />
    See the Himalayas? That's Leaf.<br />
    See the Sky? Eragon sours through it.<br />
    See the forests? Soren and The Guardians protect it.<br />
    When we hear a very interesting instrument, any characters we've might have enjoyed comes to mind.<br />
    The sheer genius world of books is all around us! <br />
    You just need to know what you're looking for. <br />
    Books are awesome, period. Period. <br />
    You don't like books? <br />
    Fuck you, you suck.<br />
    Carrying on now, I like people who can type. <br />
    Yes, I know, anyone can type.<br />
    But not just anyone can type with proper grammar. <br />
    Please, if you don't want me to bash you, I recommend that you type in proper grammar and speech.<br />
    『WARNING』<br />
    Oh! A warning, what's this, you say?<br />
    Well, it's a fucking warning, can't you read?<br />
    So basically what I mean here is that I tend to swear.<br />
    Hey! Not my fault, today's society is fucking screwed up, where have you been for the last couple of years? <br />
    ((Another fact, people tend to think I do drugs. What the hell? As a matter of fact, I don't I don't smoke and I don't tend to very soon. Same with drugs.))<br />
    Now we're entering the conclusion of my biography. <br />
    You're hoping not, huh?<br />
    My writing has compelled you, hasn't it? Making you urge to know what's next on this little website page.<br />
    Well, sorry to disappoint you.<br />
    Cheerio. <br />
    If you desire to know more, please check your local library, you're sure to find the Queen there.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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