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    <br />
    Message Mehh<br />
    Add Meh!<br />
    Trade With Meh<br />
    Ignore Mee<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Sup, cum guzzling thunder cunts.<br />
    I am Jakob<br />
    Say it with me:<br />
    Jay-Kub<br />
    Jacob's Ladder ain't nothing,<br />
    Jakob's Ladder is awesome,<br />
    it leads to my pants. ^^<br />
    Ashleyy VonGORE is the only person<br />
    aloud to climb it though.<br />
    She my girlfriend, and she is cooler than you.<br />
    I don't do drugs anymore<br />
    I don't drink alcohol anymore<br />
    I'm not straight edge though,<br />
    so don't get the wrong idea<br />
    I like all kinds of music<br />
    Screamo, Techno, Crunkcore, etc<br />
    Don't call me a scene kid either,<br />
    pssh please, scene is dead.<br />
    Stereo kid would be more accurate,<br />
    but don't call me that either. ._.<br />
    I'm not as conceited as I'll lead you to believe<br />
    I'm only testing your morals.<br />
    I like pissing people off that like to piss other people off.<br />
    Trolling on trolls is the shiz.<br />
    I am about to stop typing, just to let you know.<br />
    I am 15 years old.<br />
    But your mom thinks I'm 26.<br />
    I'm not sure why I started typing this up in the first place<br />
    I'm out<br />
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