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  • Artist Info: I'm called pipsqueak by my friends and so you can call me that. I live in Cali. I'm 15 and currently taken! I'm bisexual so if you have a problem with that then boo hoo you. I don't want/like to hear people dissing or making fun of gays/lesbians and bisexuals. Most don't know that every 3 out of 5 homosexual teens commit suicide and DIE because of people teasing them about their preference. We are all human beings so people who have a problem with homosexuals get over yourselves and just learn to accept these people. Girls in my school who are known as Bisexual or Homosexual are forced to get dressed in the teachers office just because the other girls dont want them looking at them. It's stupid and some of those girls I do know and they aren't even what they are claimed to be!<br />
    <br />
    Sorry for the rant! It's a really big subject and I don't think it's cool how homosexuals can't even get married anymore. We should be able to marry who we love even if they are the same sex. I thought this is a free country but its not...Oh yeah and if you agree with this let me know and add yourself to a group on gaia under the name of Getto Booties(?)....They want to petition against the fact of Age Doesnt Matter and Marriage for Homosexuals..but it's mainly for the age facter...im the manager of the group^^
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