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  • Artist Info: Have lived in many countries!<br />
    Don't worry Im friendly!!! blaugh <br />
    I have two siblings... the two little devils scream <br />
    Am always in trouble hehehe lol <br />
    Love making new friends...<br />
    Speak a lot of languages.... <br />
    I also write books... look them up, here is a link http://www.wattpad.com/612558-assassins-and-hippies-do-not-go-together-the-crash<br />
    <br />
    Yeah So read it! Just started comment and everything. Wanna share something? Need a shoulder to cry one? Ill be there for you don't worry!<br />
    And i am secretly a NINJA ninja <br />
    Its true look up the NINJA SCHOOL!!! <br />
    so yahhh.... have fun randomly looking at a screen with just letters and mumbles biggrin <br />
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