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    Pass-It-On Survey about me :
    <br />
    <br />
    Name: Rebecca.<br />
    Date of Birth: March 29th.<br />
    Birthplace: Cordoba, Argentina.<br />
    Current Location: Pennsylvania, USA.<br />
    Eye Color: Dark Brown.<br />
    Hair Color: Dark brown.<br />
    Height: I'm not sure. I just know I'm short.<br />
    Heritage: Hispanic/European/Asian.<br />
    Piercings: Some.<br />
    Tattoos: Not yet.<br />
    Favourite: Uh.. depends what you mean by that.<br />
    Band/Singer(s): VOCALOIDS, Perfume, Afternoon Tea-Time (K-on! Band), CAPSULE, Portugal the Man, Kid Cudi (some songs), Circa Survive, Owl City (When he was unknown), And a lot of other groups/bands/singers.<br />
    Movie: The Chipmunks Adventure. Haha. :]<br />
    Books: The No Naku Koro Ni series (Including Umineko), StarGirl, Speak, and a whole lot of other books/mangas.<br />
    Disney Movie: The Aristocats. I hope the Disney Channel HQ blows up with all the queer actors in it.<br />
    TV shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force/ The Mighty Boosh/ SuperJail!/ Family Guy/ And pretty much almost everything on [Adult Swim].<br />
    Color(s): Rainbow. (Including Black/White/Brown/ and Gray*In this case Silver).<br />
    Food: Anything tasty.<br />
    Pizza topping: Broccoli.<br />
    Ice-Cream Flavor: Mint-Chocolate chip.<br />
    Drink (alcoholic): Anything tasty.<br />
    Sodas: Coca-Cola/ Raspberry.<br />
    Stores: Spencer's/ FYE/ Borders.<br />
    Clothing Brands: Anything cute and unique.<br />
    Shoe Brands: Anything cute and unique.<br />
    Seasons: Spring/Summer.<br />
    Months: March, June/July<br />
    Holiday/Festivals: My Birthday, My future wedding(If I do get married), Halloween, Christmas, World Cup/FIFA celebrations.<br />
    Flower: Stargazer Lily.<br />
    Make-Up Items: Eyeliner, Lipgloss, and colorful/vibrant eyeshadows.<br />
    Board game: Scrabble.<br />
    Sunny or rainy: Rainy.<br />
    Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.<br />
    Fruit or veggie: Both.<br />
    Night or day: Both.<br />
    Sour or sweet: Sweet.<br />
    Love or money: Love.<br />
    Phone or in person: In person.<br />
    Looks or personality: Personality.<br />
    Coffee or tea: Both. But mostly tea. It's healthier. (:<br />
    Hot or cold: ... Warm.<br />
    Your Goal for this year: Shine bright.<br />
    Most missed memory: The good ones.<br />
    Best physical feature: My lips.<br />
    First thought waking up: I'm bored.<br />
    Hypothetical personality disorder: There's no such thing as a hypothetical disorder.<br />
    Preferred type of plastic surgery: Plastic Surgery is a no-no for me.<br />
    Sesame street alter ego: Uh... what?<br />
    Fairytale alter ego: I don't have one.<br />
    Most stupid remark: I have to many.<br />
    Worst crime: Ignorance.<br />
    Greatest ambition: Fall in love, die together.<br />
    Greatest fears: Claustrophobic. Afraid of heights. Being upside down. Drowning. Loneliness.<br />
    Darkest secret: I'm fine, thank you.<br />
    Favorite subjects: Science/Geography.<br />
    Strangest received gift: Panties I got from a creepy stalker.<br />
    Worst habit: Nailbiting. Skin ripping.<br />
    Do You...<br />
    Smoke: No.<br />
    Drink: Yes.<br />
    Curse: Yes.<br />
    Shower daily: Pretty much, yeah.<br />
    Like thunderstorms: Yes.<br />
    Dance in the rain: Oh, yes!<br />
    Sing: Yep.<br />
    Play an instrument: No. Unfortunately.<br />
    Get along with your parents: We have our ups and downs.<br />
    Wish on stars: I guess.<br />
    Believe in fate: Yes.<br />
    Believe in love at first sight: Sometimes.<br />
    Can You...<br />
    Drive: No.<br />
    Sew: Yes.<br />
    Cook: Yes.<br />
    Speak another language: Yes.<br />
    Dance: Yes.<br />
    Sing: Yes<br />
    Touch your nose with your tongue: Not really, no. xD<br />
    Whistle: Yes.<br />
    Curl your tongue: Yarr.<br />
    Have You Ever...<br />
    Been Drunk: Nope.<br />
    Been Stoned/High: Naaah .... ...Unfortunately.<br />
    Eaten Sushi: Yup.<br />
    Been in Love: .... Haha... yeah.. n__n<br />
    Skipped school: No.<br />
    Made prank calls: Yes!<br />
    Sent someone a love letter: Yeah..<br />
    Stolen something: When I was younger.<br />
    Cried yourself to sleep: Many times.<br />
    Other Questions....<br />
    What annoys you most in a person?: When they're mean.<br />
    Are you right or left handed?: Left.<br />
    What is your bedtime?: Whenever I feel like it.<br />
    Name three things you can't live without: Food, The person I love, and my best friend.<br />
    What is the color of your room?: Pink.<br />
    Do you have any siblings?: Lots.<br />
    Do you have any pets?: Yessss.<br />
    Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?: Cleverly, yes.<br />
    What is you middle name?: Susanna (Sue).<br />
    What are you nicknames?: Becca, Becky, Sue, Suzy, Susan, Melo, PanPan, Deco, Decora, Freak, Loser, Weirdo, Queer, Faggot, Arisa, Eda, and Risa.<br />
    Are you for or against gay marriage?: For it.<br />
    What are your thoughts on abortion?:Against.<br />
    Do you have a crush on anyone?: ....Yes... And that person knows it already.<br />
    Are you afraid of the dark?: Not really. Only when there's ghosts.<br />
    How do you want to die?: In my sleep.<br />
    What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?: Uh. 5.<br />
    Would you take a bullet for the one you love?: Not really sure.<br />
    What is the last law you’ve broken?: The law of gravity.<br />
    In a Member of the Opposite Sex...<br />
    Hair color: Black.<br />
    Eye color: Dark Brown.<br />
    Height: Let's just say A LOT taller than me.<br />
    Weight: I don't know. I just know he's skinny.<br />
    Most important physical feature: WELL NOW, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. ;'D<br />
    Biggest turn-off: Smoking.
    <br />
    <br />
    SIGH.<br />
    <br />
    you're leaving? ok. bye. sad
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