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  • Artist Info: I'm Minxy. I'm not perfect, I don't take good pictures, I don't sing as good as I'd like to. Rainy days makes me happy and I cry with many things that may seem meaningless to others. I like strong coffee, no sugar please! and chocolate is never too much. I'm a freaking animal lover (Future Vet), addicted to the computer and I hate excessive demonstrations of affection. I'm spoiled, what I see is what I want and HAVE to have, but still I'm a very affectionate person. I never shut up and I always have some mean comment in the tip of my tongue just waiting to come out. I'm a compulsive biter and if I could choose I'd have loved to be born in England, NYC or Australia. I can stay hours just watching the ceiling of my room, thinking and listening to music that goes from Disney to Iron Maiden.<br />
    Many thing could be said about me but they'll all show the same: I'm another 21 year old girl who's loving her life and everything and everyone that's part of it =)
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