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    Ohai der people.<br />
    For a while you may have noticed that my "About Me" has not been very detailed, so I figured it was time to take action. Well, here it goes..<br />
    First of all, I'd like to figure out how to make this look even MORE pretty, like some other profiles I see >.> because mine is starting to get a little bland. I might update it soon, when I have the time..<br />
    Oh yeah, back to introducing myself.<br />
    I am known as Teh Fruzz, or FruzzFruzz. I spend a lot of my time on the computer (a lot of it on Gaia), and I joke about it being my home~~ While on the computer, you can ALWAYS find me listening to music. One thing you should know about me- I luuuuuuuuuv music. Love isn't the right word. Actually, it pretty much is. Ask me any time I'm online for what I'm listening to. I'd love to answer. As much as I enjoy modern English pop (except JB and Miley Cyrus! Ehckckck!), I prefer Korean/Japanese pop. <3 <3 For those who know about K-pop, I like Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, Epik High, Brown Eyed Girls, and a bit of 2NE1 and SHINee.<br />
    Uhh, some people talk about random friend requests and etc, but for me, I don't mind random comments/pm's, and I will reply to them, but if you send me a random friend request, chances are I'll either ask you why, or just ignore it completely. <br />
    Even though I am quiet and shy at school (I have no friends! Boohoo! If you hear me complaining about anything school related, please feel free to tell me to stop- I won't mind), I tend to blabber a lot to friends, but ESPECIALLY on the internet, just like I am now! I love to type, and don't usually use capitals or apostrophe's or anything, but ever since I got my formats, I find it looks better written the proper way. Speaking of proper, I don't type properly. I type with four fingers, yet can still type faster than most people I know.<br />
    School wise, I USED to be straight A's, but last year I got two B's and the rest A's (le gasp!), but so far this year I'm pretty sure I'm doing quite well. I'll be sure to tell you all when I get my report card~! <br />
    Want more info? I'M TOO LAZY GODDAMMIT.<br />
    Uhhh...<br />
    <br />
    Real name? Emma.<br />
    Age? 14.<br />
    Where I live? Big Bunny's closet, don't'cha know.<br />
    Who I loooooove? Oh grow up.<br />
    Idk why, but ever since I started using capitals and talking like this, I feel like a 10 year old. WELL I'M NOT. I'M NO LIAR~~~.<br />
    I put "~" at the end of everything, or at least almost everything, so beware!<br />
    I also use "n____n"/"n______n b" repeatedly!<br />
    You might also see me ending my sentences with desu, but not often, desu~<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    What I look like in RL...
    <br />
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