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  • Artist Info: Welcome to the Nuthouse! <br />
    Since you're here, I assume you're here because either you hate me or you're a best friend. Either way, you're here. Get used to it. Now, my name is Emily, but I'm referred by my friends as Em. I'm strange, unique, hot-headed, slightly morbid, and practically insane (you'd have to be to survive my family!). I love reading, cats, dogs, foxes, and confusing puzzles. I get bored easily, so if you keep me occupied for hours, you need to pat yourself on the back. Which reminds me, pat yourself on the back, Alex! You're a hero! ^.^<br />
    I know a little bit of Japanese, Spanish, French, and Latin, so if I say something you don't understand, just ask me what it means. <br />
    Latin lesson for the year: Lusus naturae, meaning, Freak of nature.<br />
    While I am confusing, I love to write. I do carry a dictionary with me, but if you make fun if me for that, I will punch you until A) somebody pulls me off, or B) I get bored, or C) you're dead. <br />
    That's all I have to say. Be my friend or not. I don't care. <br />
    Au revoir!
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