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    Hay Darlinz Diz Be Ur lil Shawty Ada{one Nd only} <br />
    I Stay In Da South Side Of Texaz <br />
    Which Mean I Be Stayin In Sa Town knownz Az Count Down City <br />
    Not In A Gang *waz* <br />
    I Have A Huge Problem Wit Candy{Addictive Problemz} Candy Be With Me 24/7 <br />
    I heart Candy[SweetNdSour] <br />
    Hate........Yuck Choclate <br />
    <br />
    User Image <br />
    Im Not Nice 24/7 <br />
    But Have Tooth Ace 24/7 <br />
    Chill Nd Be On Phone 18/7 <br />
    Hang Wit My Home Gurlz/Boiz At Mall Everyday {Got There Bacz Wheneva Nd Whereva} <br />
    Defently Not American <br />
    Nd Defently Speak More Than 1 Language *speak 4 languagez* <br />
    <br />
    Took My 1st Breath In Month Of Feb{14yrzYoung} <br />
    Livin Wit Family-*Alwayz Come 1st*- <br />
    Nd Stay A Army Brat[Papi In Army Tricksterz] <br />
    Travel All Ova The World Nd Stay Fwesh Wereva I Go! <br />
    Luvin Mi Gaia Mummie>Michelle ily ma' ^^ <br />
    Currently Taken By My Hubby Michael(ily bby) <br />
    So Boiz Back Up xP <br />
    Nd Have My Wifey Deanna {ily wifey NO HOMO} <br />
    Be Makin Poemz Nd Luv Drawin <br />
    Im Straight Like Fawk[NOT BI] <br />
    I Defently Play Sports-Basketball,Track,Swimmin,Soccer,Volleyball,Tenniz Nd Use To Be Baseball <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    -Hate Liarz <br />
    -Hate Fackerz <br />
    -Hate WannaBez <br />
    -Hate Hackerz <br />
    -Hate Divaz <br />
    -Hate Hustlerz <br />
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    <br />
    " [1]My Quote- Be You 24/7 Nd Dont Stop Nd Keep Goin Nd Dont Let Anyone Bring You Down! <br />
    Luv Urzself 4 Who U R Nd Appreciate Wat You Got <br />
    [2]My Quote-dont believe anyone they can say they love u but they may not mean it no matter wat keep ur head up high dont let anyone bring u down
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