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  • Artist Info: Well I have ALOT of interests theirs like way too many of them so i ain't going to tell ya them becuz it would be like a neverending list (but if u rly wanna know some of them just ask and I will tell you some of them) lol. I go to an awesome high school (most ppls there don't like it there at my H.S. but I love it and think it totally rox (!) and am very grateful my parents sent me 2 it=D). Oh and my bestfriends refer to me as Martha, Murry, Ai, Mull, Mearbear, and MereMere so just call me one fo those names=] and I'm just a random crazy chick=P<br />
    add me on myspace http://www.myspace.com/like_a_prayer42
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