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    Hey, my real name is Laura.<br />
    <br />
    ••I like-•• <br />
    ►Cannibalism<br />
    ►Music [rock, metal, ect.]<br />
    ►Knives<br />
    ►Thunder and Lightning<br />
    ►Purple < 3<br />
    ►Viruses and diseases [as long as I dont have them] ; 3<br />
    ►Avatar art [draw me some? I'll love you forever]<br />
    ►Snakes and Spiders<br />
    ►Pocky<br />
    ►Sour gummi worms!!! [or other gummi snacks I love them all]<br />
    ►Causing trouble~<br />
    <br />
    ••I don't like-••<br />
    ►The color yellow. [dunno why. I just dont.]<br />
    ►My irl brother. [heheh]<br />
    ►You- if you get on my nerves.<br />
    ►Music [rap, hip-hop, ect.]<br />
    ►People who give me shit about my music.<br />
    ►People who think they own the world.<br />
    <br />
    ♦♦Some of my favorite quotes-♦♦<br />
    ○Come to the dark side, we have cookies.<br />
    ○I'm not anti-social, I just hate you.<br />
    ○I'm not shy, I'm just quietly examining my prey.
    <br />
    <br />
    Danke for the arts~
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    I drew the last one. It's of my dream avatar.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I want this cosplay avatar. < 3 Rosso.
    <br />
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<br />
    <br />
    Name ~ Zora<br />
    Age in rp ~ 19 [in appearance]<br />
    Race ~ Elementalist<br />
    Sex ~ Female<br />
    Height ~ 5'2"<br />
    Weight ~ 105lbs<br />
    Eye color ~ Purple<br />
    Hair color ~ Black<br />
    Skin color ~ A light purple.<br />
    Weopons ~ Poisons, diseases, longbow, katana, and multiple knives hidden all over her body. [not all at the same time xD]<br />
    Specialties ~ Making her own poisons and antidotes along with technology and diseases. Biological implants and many others. Stealth, assassination, shadows, ect.<br />
    Strengths ~ Poisons and diseases, shadows, fire, and archery. The use of her dual weild knives may also belong here.<br />
    Weaknesses ~ Mostly the use of light and holy magics. Her body rejects healing from these two methods.<br />
    Powers ~ Anything that goes along with shadows. She can use all elements for the most part but shadows and fire are her main two. Earth and metals are not far behind. Her least favorite elements are light and water.<br />
    Unusal Appearance Factors ~ Zora has an unusually long purple tongue that is forked at the end, much like a snake's. Her eyes are purple in color and her black tail is always present. She also has a barbed wire choker and barbed wire bracelets tattooed on her.<br />
    Objects of Interest ~ Solf's hat. [Basically a hat that, when reaching inside, the user can pull out a variety of things such as a plate of cookies, a bomb, a shiny knife, whatever else, and yes- bunnys.] Dusky Bear. [Seperate Char sheet below]
    <br />
    <br />
    Name ~ Melody<br />
    Age ~ 6<br />
    Race ~ Gargoyle<br />
    Sex ~ Female<br />
    Height ~ 3'11"<br />
    Weight ~ 45lbs<br />
    Eye color ~ Blue<br />
    Hair color ~ White<br />
    Skin color ~ A light tan.<br />
    Weopons ~ She weilds a scythe as her main weopon and she has a many knives. She may also use a giant hammar or other blunt force weopon.<br />
    Specialties ~ Destruction is her main specialty. Zora can call her out to aid in a fight and afterwards, the area around them is damaged in some way. She can also fly, aiding in quick attacks and clean getaways.<br />
    Strengths ~ Literally, she is stronger then the average human and has a heightened sense of hearing. For a six-year-old, she is extremely deceptive.<br />
    Weaknesses ~ She loves candy, so pedobears, you have a huge advantage over her. Other than that, loud noises bother her and distract her leaving her vulnerable.<br />
    Powers ~ Abnormal strength, flight, and echolocation [which can be heightened to a deafening scream].<br />
    Unusual Appearance Factors ~ Though she is young, her hair is long and white, and she has tattoos of black lines running down over her eyes and on the ends there are smaller black lines perpendicular to the line.<br />
    Objects of Interest ~ Her scythe has the ability to modify itself, allowing it to change shape, weight, density, and in some cases vibrate to cut easier and more efficiently.
    <br />
    <br />
    Name ~ Craven<br />
    Age ~ 37<br />
    Race ~ Shape-shifter<br />
    Sex ~ Male<br />
    Height ~ 6'7"<br />
    Weight ~ 158lbs<br />
    Eye color ~ Green<br />
    Hair color ~ Green<br />
    Skin color ~ Peachy<br />
    Weopons ~ Since he fights with mostly his animalistic powers, he doesn't usual use weopons but when he does, he uses a gun modified by Zora that shoots acid bullets.<br />
    Specialties ~ He can change his shape to anything he can think of, not just an animal. He can picture it in his head and change into it. Stealth is what he's best at.<br />
    Strengths ~ Ripping appart attackers with tooth and claw, not kidding.<br />
    Weaknesses ~ He's a sucker for love. A succubus would be his worst nightmare, to say the least. If your a female, flaunt it in front of him, and he's yours.<br />
    Powers ~ He can change his shape.<br />
    Unusual Appearance Factors ~ His ears are always pointy, unless said otherwise.<br />
    Objects of Interest ~ Modified Gun [Modified by Zora to shoot acid bullets that disintegrate both flesh and bone].
    <br />
    <br />
    Name ~ Dusky<br />
    Age ~ 212<br />
    Race ~ Demon soul infused into a bear.<br />
    hapSex ~ Male<br />
    Height ~ 1'2"<br />
    Weight ~ Half a pound.<br />
    Eye color ~ Black<br />
    Hair color ~ Silvery<br />
    Skin color ~ Grey<br />
    Weopons ~ Claw lengths can me manipulated into blades.<br />
    Specialties ~ Annoying the hell out of an enemy and distractions. Good at clawing someone's face.<br />
    Strengths ~ Sharp weopons.<br />
    Weaknesses ~ Literally losing his stuffing.<br />
    Powers ~ He can perform lower-level dark magic and manipulate his claw lengths. His teeth can regrow if broken or knocked out.<br />
    Unusual Appearance Factors ~ Well, he's a stuffed bear, that's a start. <br />
    Objects of Interest ~ None.
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