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  • Artist Info: Haii !!! I'm Celeste Call meh Kitteh Kit or anything you like Idc I Love The Rainbow and it doesnt make me gay !!! i like to draw avitars =PPP but im having trouble with my camera Dx i play guitar the drums and i can sing but singing... im not very good but oh well ^.^ My Favorite bands are H.i.m, Nickel back, Bullet For my valentine ,Creed, Puddle of Mud,Escape the fate, Thousand foot crunch && Lots more <33 Im a music obsessed Tard o-o" i dunno why so dont ask i like Anime Deals Wif It Meow Im a kitteh dont tell me that im not because ill cry .~. I live over the rainbow [Utah] >_> i'm 13 its almost my birthday WOOT!!! ^.^ I have 2 doggies named chewy and bears Three kittehs nico, midnight and buddy and 2 birds one named daisy and the other fred They is CUTE!! I'm really random and weird so you know. My likes are . . . *drum roll* <br />
    Guys who are them selves, <br />
    Animals, 8D brownies, The rain, The Sun, Skiing, snow boarding and Paintballing <br />
    Just having fun in general ^.^<br />
    I do not like....<br />
    People who fake to be someone else,<br />
    my brother, Mustard!! && the brownie monster for eating all my brownies D= <br />
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Who thought school could get scarier with me in it =DD<br />
    User Image<br />
    Random Death poem O-O<br />
    Whats it like to die alone? <br />
    Your dried up heart your bare left bone? <br />
    Are you gone away somewhere? <br />
    is there pain and or despair?<br />
    can you feel a simple touch?<br />
    leaving love is just to much,<br />
    can i cry if i go there?<br />
    Is your life truly fair?<br />
    Even if i leave this place,<br />
    i truly don't know what to face.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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