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  • Artist Info: Ugh,<br />
    I was too lazy to write this but i guess ill do it.<br />
    I'm Rebecca, or bec,<br />
    I'm 13.<br />
    I like drawing and sometimes reading if I'm not a little lazy shit and cbf doing at that time which is pretty much always.<br />
    I'm fat,<br />
    uhhh...<br />
    I love playing games on my ds,<br />
    Current game in at the moment iiisssss..<br />
    Ace attorney : Apollo justice.<br />
    Trying to do the 3rd case again fuuckkkkk.<br />
    As i said,<br />
    I like to draw and I've got a dA to store all my beautiful art<br />
    http://RUNitsjesus.deviantart.com<br />
    I don't upload much cause I'm lazy but,<br />
    i do it from time to time.<br />
    And<br />
    Thats pretty much all about me i can say at the time.<br />
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