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  • Artist Info: Hello,Stalkers<br />
    :First thang ima say is if you dont like pro gtf off it<br />
    Ok my name is mike,how old too old for you 13-15 year old girls if u have questions just pm me im kinda broke because my hacking days or over i am a official hacker i make htmls and everything but not anymore so for all you hackers who gonna pm me bout that dont cause i will not reply i only have a few people i joce with soo just letting you know if i havent fucked with u 1week straight i dont fucks with you some of my friends became my enemie because all the hoe moves they think they pulling off i been on this earth since 1993 im not dumb at all but my real mainz are (: mario deante jayy krytical moya <~ sometimes because we barley talk but many more)
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