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    So! Welcome to my profile. Yes, it is old. Very, very, old. Look at this thing! It hasn't changed a bit since I was 14! Shame I can't understand a flying feather of this coding stuff. Oh well, perhaps someday a friend'll explain it to me. Or I'll pay someone to make something actually nice. And fitting. And modern holy crap this thing is OLD.<br />
    In the meantime however, I just can't be bothered. Better things to do and all that.<br />
    So, I suppose if you clicked on this, you came for a reason, like, wanting to know something about me. Unless of course you clicked on my name totally be accident and now you're just lurking around because why not and hey music! Oh, and look, art! Lookit the art! Ain't that cool?<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
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    <br />
    Oh right, you might have actually came here for something. Perhaps you wanted to ask for some help with zOMG? I'm always up for that. I still love that crazy, cracked old game even after all these years.<br />
    Or maybe you wanted some items for alchemy and were wondering where the heck my shop was. Blast if I know, but you could always PM me, and we can discuss orders and the such.<br />
    Or maybe you wanted someone to write with? I'm quite proud to call myself a writer, but I've always struggled with RPing... Ah well, perhaps such a detail doesn't bother you, and you don't mind my rambling ways, incessant writers block, and tendency to write myself into a corner when I don't know what I'm doing.<br />
    No? You just wanted a friend? Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind a chat or three- I'm sure there's a common interest we share... Vocaloids? Horror games? Fangirling over Markiplier, bishies and One Piece?<br />
    <br />
    What? You did just click on this by accident? Well then what the hay are you still reading this for? Shoo! There are better things to be doing!<br />
    No? There aren't?<br />
    Well. I suppose you can lurk all you want then. I'm going to go... Well. I'm going to go find something to do. There's not much point in lurking my own page after all.
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