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  • Artist Info: Konnichiwa~! I am Mono (old username) or Shirogane (friend nickname) razz I love to draw, write, read (manga {yaoi}), watch anime, and ride horses. My favorite animal is a tiger, wolf, or panda. I love my Ramen and strawberries. And I wouldn't be a yaoi fangirl without Pocky~! I really do miss my Onee-Chan in Colorado sad but I still talk to her. I love to do Rp's (message me if you have something in mind) I usually do yaoi Rp's but either will do. I love just randomly taking pics of whatever is around at the time. I love my friends to DEATH and would do anything for them. I am a super hyper, bubbly person, unless you do something to upset me or my friends. I have my idols! Example: Steve Nash, Gackt, Kamijo from Versailles, and Prince Poppycock :3 I don't know why I idol them so much but I do. I am bisexual and proud of it :3. My favorite color is white, red, black, or orange. I'm very psycho so beware! Sadly I'm single now sad I love hugs! For some reason I tend to act like a cat. I am 5'4" somewhat slender. I have a special talent for being able to get my voice extremely deep, for a girl. I love J-Rock! And I don't care if they look like girls. If there is anything else you wanna know don't hesitate to ask~! Love you all!<br />
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    Shun Shouta <3 yaoi role play anyone~?! <br />
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