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  • Artist Info: A thin layer of snow<br />
    covers the pale still grass on the winters ground<br />
    Cold wind blows<br />
    stirring the lifeless branches on the corpse like trees<br />
    Looking up twards the grey sky<br />
    Vision blurred by faint drops<br />
    Whispers of cold metal strike my skin<br />
    Swirling my hair in a thousand single strands<br />
    The wind singing a soft lullaby in my ear<br />
    Carrying on throughout the cold cold year<br />
    In the distance<br />
    A light so faint<br />
    Glistening a path twards a musical day<br />
    A new song begins to play <br />
    Dancing in circles in the warmth of the day<br />
    <br />
    My Top favorite bands are: Deathstars, Avenges Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Emili Autumn.<br />
    I have a strong passion for the gothic arts and the style. I take heart in music, I love it so much. <br />
    I love the piano so much. I'm an interesting person. I don't find horror movies gross nor scary (not all tho).<br />
    My personality online is no diffrent than if u met me in person.<br />
    <br />
    I am as if any other person would indeed call me... Un normal.<br />
    Im facinated with the dark arts and i adore the most morbid things that people may find twisted.<br />
    I guess you could say im into the gothic scenary.<br />
    If anything I hate to be labled emo, and I also hate most who call themselves emo, I just dong get along with emos very well, I try to play nice, but in the end i fail *giggles* oopsies<br />
    I love to paint and draw, I use to draw anime but now all i want to draw is along the lines of scenary, roses or little dolls. I'm a fan of the liveing dead doll series and I hope to eventually collect them all.<br />
    I have a strong love for music. The types of music I listen too seems to surprise people, though I do not know why. I have a veriaty of music I can stand and then theres just some where i just cant stand.<br />
    I love the piano as well as the violin. I sing but I do not dance.<br />
    I am you average un normal girl who walks through the school courtyards with eyes peering upon me nearly every day. I have a normal job, so how diffrent am I?<br />
    I am verry diffrent from the rest of you.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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