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    Me!!!!!! Oh how wonderful I am!!!!!! heart biggrin <br />
    wink <br />
    Me!Oh m-*stares at you*-wha-wha-What are you doing here?!<br />
    eek <br />
    You want to know about me?!<br />
    cool <br />
    Ok, let's get to the facts, I'm a person, I'm NOT a million dollars.<br />
    talk2hand <br />
    Fine, I'll tell you more about me.<br />
    mrgreen <br />
    I'm 14. I have a best friend named ashleyh2008. She's a weirdo, but she's funny. I love swimming. I love the Harry Potter books.<br />
    4laugh <br />
    Now are you happy?<br />
    question <br />
    No?!?!?!?! What do you mean no?!<br />
    scream <br />
    That's IT!!!!! *poof*
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