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    Projects: I'm currently working on getting the baseball outfit. It'll be easy to get because it's so cheap.<br />
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    Now on to things that are actually "About Me."<br />
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    Let's see... I'm Morgan. I'm fairly erratic, super smart, slightly nerdy and completely Twilight obsessed. (Except for the Twilight movie which sucked.) I'm into tennis, ping-pong, baseball, soccer, etc. Basically any sports BUT football. I'm really outdoorsy. I love camping and being outside in the sun. I hate cold weather though. It's really annoying, not because I'm cold, but because I have to listen to everyone else complain. Me and rain or any form of precipitation - we don't mix. I play the French Horn (obviously). I'm first chair in school, district, and region. We don't get to do state until next year... I've got a Bichon Frise (some fancy-shmancy breed of dog that originated in France) named Sox. His dad's name had something to do with the kings, a baseball team, so we continued the tradition with C. W. Sox. (Chicago White Sox) My favorite color is grey. I'm not actually sure what it is that appeals to me about it, but there's something... I absolutely LOVE Italian food. Nothing gets better than that. Like I said earlier, I have a brother who is getting married soon. I also have two sisters who are both married. They're all graduated and moved out of the house which leaves me as the only one at home. I'm the youngest, obviously; it has it's ups and downs. That about wraps it up, so... yeah. See ya!
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