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    Hi people!<br />
    Name:happy faic * razz *<br />
    Age confused ??<br />
    Race:uber happyness/randomness<br />
    Likes:, being happy, killing angry faic, <br />
    Hates: Posers Jerks bullies<br />
    ____________________________<br />
    Supp... names Gabriel. Well lets get thiis straight. Its (LOL -&gt wink GAY-BREE-ULL Not GAB-REE-ELL Ok well anyway... im 14. MY favroite bands are -Coldplay, Gorillaz, red hot chilli peppers, lacuna coil, AFI and Linkin park. When i grow up i want to be a guitarist,artist or a professional skate-boarder. As you can tell im Pretty layed back at times. except around know it alls. i hate that Kids that "bullies" call "Nerds" that are nice and dont mess with them then the "bullies" fight them. Well back to the point i love video games and always will. Pokemon, sonic, mario and all the classics are sacred to me. I gotta big family and i like to get together with them. Im what you call "Mature" most of the time but maybe i may have ADD and it comes out sometimes. My life pretty great, got everything i need: Jesus and god, Friends, family, Health Videogames, nothin more i could ask for. I am a christain although SOnetimes i cant make it to church. GOt 1 Baby bro (age 7) and sis age 10. Well yeah, i just pretty much hang out most of the time. But every time i do that i always end up bored or asleep. WEll Im almost always free so send me a message or 2 and ill be sure to get back to ya. I DISPISE school. slash that, HATE school, not because of learning of kids, but because of the teachers they put me with. A honor roll sudent with psychopath D student teaching teachers. What i really feel like doing is flying to japan and just gaming it out (Peter i know u wanna too, lol). Im gonna get to japan someday. always wondered what it would be like. I love hanging out with friends and just getting a quick laugh or that awesome feeling u get when ur around them (NOT A GAY ONE LOL), like "THis is fun just hangin out not having to listen to anyone". Well thats pretty much it. DOnt forget to send me a message or profile/Pic comment. Later... My youtube: Youtube.com/user/retardedg4m3rX<br />
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    Currently: talkin in ralleys
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