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  • Artist Info: My name is Madeline......I'm bi but, sorry...i'm taken...i'm gonna be a sophmore when school starts again... I'm a freak but, what can I say? I love it!!! Don't judge me by the words I write...just understand the meaning behind them...i will stand tall. i will defend myself. but, just because i am strong, doesn't mean i don't have fears. i fear people, fear what they can do to me. i fear the world. fear what it will do to me when i am on my own. and, i fear my dream. or. i fear that they won't come true. <br />
    <br />
    He made her jealous<br />
    on purpose he tried.<br />
    When the girl asked, "Do you love me?"<br />
    on purpose he lied.<br />
    He played with jealousy<br />
    like it was a game.<br />
    Little did he know<br />
    Things would never be the same.<br />
    His plan was working<br />
    but he had no clue.<br />
    How wrong things would go,<br />
    the damage he would do.<br />
    One night she broke down,<br />
    feeling very alone.<br />
    Just her and the blade,<br />
    no one else home.<br />
    She dialed his number,<br />
    he answered, "Hello".<br />
    She told him she loved him<br />
    and hung up the phone.<br />
    He raced to her house<br />
    just a minute too late.<br />
    Found her lying in blood,<br />
    Her heart had no rate.<br />
    Beside her was a note,<br />
    in it her confession.<br />
    Her love for this boy,<br />
    her only obsession.<br />
    As he read the note,<br />
    he knelt down and cried.<br />
    Grabbed her knife,<br />
    that night they both died.<br />
    She was found in his arms,<br />
    both of them dead.<br />
    Under her note<br />
    his handwriting said:<br />
    "All this time, <br />
    she never knew.<br />
    All this time<br />
    I loved her<br />
    too."<br />
    <br />
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