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  • Artist Info: Hello thar' You can call me Cherryn or ,"Hey random person,"...I don't really care. I like drawing and writing fantasy stories, and staring into space or staring at clouds. I sometimes just like sitting on my porch and watching the stars in the middle of the night too.....and I love chocolate!!!!! I will dominate the world and eat all the chocolate one day ;3 Then I'll clone them and eat them in front of everyone! MWAHAHAHAA.....ANYWAYS.....I like setting bugs free instead of killing them and animals are awesomely adorable =D<br />
    I also like being a weird random hyper person who you turn to stare at on the streetssince I'm throwing chairs or talking to myself or tossing oranges at people xD Lol. So buddy me if you want =3 <br />
    I am.....<br />
    Weird o-o, Chocoholic, Lazy, adorable, friendful, smiley, dazed easily, spaces out, sleepy, AWESOME!!! I guesss......... creative, animal loving, tree hugger, nice...well mostly atleast (:<br />
    ( )_( )<br />
    (='.'=)<br />
    ('')_('')o<br />
    Bunneh!! :3 <3333<br />
    <br />
    Well theres sooo much more stuff butttttt you probably don't care about that sooooo yeah (: Byesssss -wavessssss- :3<br />
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