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  • Artist Info: well hola people. so i just "graduated" (not from high school) not too excited about it, but whatever smile when i start school, i am going to take guitar classes. i am so happy we have guitar in my school smile the first thing i need to do is buy a guitar... the first song im going to learn to play is 37 Stiches by Drowning Pool (in acoustic) and the guitar solo in Tears Wont Fall by Bullet For My Valentine (guess what,... in acoustic too razz ) and Everlong by Foo Fighters (this has ALWAYS been my favorite song. also Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity. this will sound very very werid, but whatever, i want to play this at my wedding(: ) in acoustic also. i first want to acomplish acoustic before electric. so not much goin on in life for me. it is BOILING here in pheonix. i was forced to move here and the heat is torturing me!!! this week, it is going to be in the 100's. AND EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!! i have NO clue how people can love the heat... please feel bad for me. hahaha, you dont need to i guess. i am a cold person (weather). i absolutly love snow, rain, etc. probably love rain more than snow. if any of you guys have watched The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, you know of the "house" they stayed in. my dream is to own a house like that somewhere in Aspen, Colorado, which will NEVER happen. im really sad because one of my favorite TV shows (Lost) has ended TT-TT most people think it is stupid, but i think it is the best smile in the last few years, i have become a music fanatic. i have about 6 playlists that have probably 90 songs on each. hahaha, i need help razz over memorial week, i went to Colorado to "vist" (i just moved from Colorado to Arizona). We rented out our old house and the people who had lived there TRASHED it! so we had to fix that up the WHOLE week sad i didnt get to see any of my friends except the ones who lived in the same cul-de-sac. for those who dont know what that is, go get a dictionary. also, when i was there, i went to go see my fabulous hair stylist (Lisa) and i got my hair bleached! it hurt ALOT but it looks really good smile so here is a little about me:<br />
    favorite movie: Bring it On: In It To Win It / Pirates of the Caribbean. ( by the way, these are my favorite movies for the week)<br />
    favorite color: green/black/purple/blue<br />
    favorite song for the week: 37 Stiches by Drowning Pool<br />
    favorite book: Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott<br />
    favorite music genre: rock/hard rock/ pop<br />
    umm.... other: i am a vegetarian and i am VERY proud of it. tired of this vampire shift because of Twilight. honestly, i thought it was a good book, until everyone became obsessed with it. then it got annoying. i LOVE Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert(he is sexi razz ), All Time Low, Evanescence, Drowning Pool, Bullet for my Valentine, etc. <br />
    now i would post some drawings that i have done, but i dont know how to surprised usually, i am great with computers, but i have no clue how to work a scanner o.0 if you can help, please pm me how to!
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