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  • Artist Info: Hello. I happen to be a really Big Role Player. IF you are too, and just happen love 1x1 RPz, then PM me your profilez and we can be off!! I prefer using PMs. It's just easier, lol. BTW.. Most of mine ARE fantasy or Romance or Action. Maybe mixed in with bunches of other stuff.If you must know, there isn't a certain "Scheme", just a setting. It makes it easier. <br />
    It's mid-fall. The wind blows often in the small town of Wizlow. Still, the trees are pretty and the weather is peaceful. It's modern ages, but many of the people prefer not to have technology (not counting laptops, iPods, or Cell Phones. <br />
    Profile: <br />
    Name: <br />
    Age:<br />
    Looks:<br />
    Race:<br />
    Personality:<br />
    Bio:<br />
    ~~OPT!~~~<br />
    Voice: (you could post something from youtube on how your character would sound.)<br />
    Pets:<br />
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    ***Note: After one person signs up for this one, I delete it and post another ^^. <br />
    ~~~Note again: You may want to save your profiles &gt;.&lt;
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