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  • Artist Info: soo... this is where i write about me? well I'm not very good at this sort of stuff but oh well 4laugh <br />
    firstly, in real life I am very shy and inverted. so, if you ever meet me i probably won't say much... i dunno why, i suppose it's cus i have been and am teased constantly throughout my life. i just don't feel comfortable talking to people I don't know, so i may come across as kinda emo emo but i'm really not, i feel like more of a hippie. kinda like george harrison from the beatles, i love to sing and play music... my musical influences in my life are indeed the beatles and also coldplay. <br />
    i'm not really into heavy rock music, techno or anything like that which is way too loud but i do love music. <br />
    another great big passion of mine is definately writing, poetry or short stories. so i am very studious and creative, but i guess it runs in the family. cos my gramps is in a choir and one of my cousins is an actor and the other is a animation student. <br />
    i live in the uk and study very hard and long, i actually find it is very relaxing to study (i know i'm a nerd) because i can just be by myself and enjoy my own company. My family are very supportive of my dreams and aspirations and i guess they admire me because they too are pretty shy lol. so, if ur interested to find out more about me, pm me or something ok 3nodding looking forward to talking to you too biggrin
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