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  • Artist Info: Okay(: <br />
    About me.. I'm a really outgoing and fun loving person biggrin I live in Ohio, in this impossibly boring town called Phillipsburg.. <br />
    Haha I go to Northmont High. Class of 2014(: Sadly though, it sucks being a Freshman... But I have my awesome friends to help me through the year!! (: Like all my Marching Band and ROTC buddies xD I'm a busy person.. But I try to make time for my friends.. Haha when the weather and my dad co-operate... I love almost all music. And I'm one of those people that's friends with everyone, except for the "in crowd". <--- They bug me. They think they're better than everyone simply cause they're daddy's rich. rolleyes <br />
    Having fun and getting in trouble is really all I'm about(: I have nothing to hide. So you wanna know something, just ask(: <br />
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