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  • Artist Info: this, is my L I F E.<br />
    && my life is brilliant.<br />
    exciting, diverse.<br />
    i talk alot.<br />
    languages?<br />
    yeah, thats my thing.<br />
    i am persuasive.<br />
    i am flirtatious.<br />
    && i am passionate.<br />
    i sing.<br />
    i dance.<br />
    i party.<br />
    && i have fun.<br />
    I am the girl your EX.. will HATE,<br />
    I am the girl your mother will.. LOVE<br />
    &&I am the girl you'll want to be with FOREVER.<br />
    i am nowhere near perfect<br />
    I eat when i am bored<br />
    ..i fall for boys easily..<br />
    im vulnerable to believing lies<br />
    im hoping that one day i wont need a fake smile<br />
    i have best friends and enemies<br />
    i have drama and memories<br />
    ..i am an average teenager..<br />
    (and thats life)<br />
    live it, love it... learn from it<br />
    I tend to use song lyrics and quotes to describe how i feel;;<br />
    &&fill in the blanks,<br />
    and tell you everything i am too afraid<br />
    or too shy to say.<br />
    &&most of the time,<br />
    words won't be able to describe how i make you feel;;<br />
    they will never be able to define me.
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