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  • Artist Info: hey gaians, wanna learn about me? well here i am smile <br />
    i created my gaia in 2008 and currently find myself still enjoying all that this gaian world offers. i spend a lot of my time talking business with other gaians and i will be happy to talk with any of you about marketplace fixed bids/buys, trades, plain give-a-ways, and fixed contests winners/arena votes as well. my current profile value is well above 200,000 gaia gold at the moment and is rising by the day thanks to marketplace highs and lows. if any of you would like to partner with me in my goal for being a marketplace tycoon, then just hit me up smile <br />
    another thing i like to do is randomly walk through the world of gaia and make new friends, so if ya need a buddy, friend me wink <br />
    i dont have much else to say except that for certain friends, whether new or old, i may ask a favor here or there, but i promise to give back in return wink so, hit me up, and we can talk, ill be happy to oblige smile <br />
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