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  • Artist Info: name: Jesse<br />
    age: no need for you to know<br />
    boyfriend: none (i'm single)<br />
    2 favorite books: naruto (duh), & king dork<br />
    favorite color: green <br />
    my best friends: Keoni, Brit, Cassie, Irene, Catherine, Dakota.<br />
    best bands ever: MCR, bullet for my valentine, madina lake, paramore, flyleaf<br />
    things i'll hate forever: my brother, jonas brothers, miley cyrus, & Kenny Glenn<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    One of the many things i don't like is reading. I speak 2 languages (english & german). I love to go outside...but i don't like snow. my fav. subject in school is math; & english is my least fav.; the rest are ok. St. Patricks day is my absolute favorite holiday.
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